The First Secret of Life


This Secret is start from the sentence “Life is made up of sobs, sniffles and smiles” – The Gift of Magi – O. Henry.

The Secret which exists from the start of the day. The Secret which exists till the death but the human being does not understand that what life is? How strange the world is, indeed the human has no power but knowledge. When the men or the women come in the world they don’t know any language but they cry because they feel the hunger, they feel the pain. They are unable to say any word; they don’t know anything except the language of crying and the language of smile. Their crying has the pain and this pain is more painful from all the sorrows of world. Their smile has the power, the power of the Love and this Love is more lovable from all the happiness of the world.

It is the fact, in all cultures when any friend, sibling or relative goes to travel we send the gifts to them. In this way, we show our love or care for them.

Every living thing has to taste the Death – It is the Universal Fact. So it means this world is nothing except the journey. And someone sent us with the two gifts. The gifts are ‘to cry’ and ‘to smile’. These are the only two possessions the human beings have from the start of the life.

These two gifts possess the quality of patience. The patience is when the human being has nothing to win more but lots of things to lose more. This patience has the essence of the power of the sender who sent us to this journey. Because the sender who sent us; knows everything for this journey like destinations and goals etc. This journey has more attraction than the gravity of the earth. This journey consists of many laws.

This journey possesses also a power. The power through the human being forgets that who sent him. And why he or she is traveling from there. But the two gifts have more power than this because with the start of this journey everything has forgotten except the two gifts ‘to cry’ and ‘to smile’.

The infant cries and the mother treats all of his sorrows. In the other case, when he smiles the mother kisses him, hug him and love him. In both cases, the most first thing we can see is the essence of love and care.

Oh sender! How merciful you are.

The first secret of the life has learned from the above writings that when you are in the pain the only thing you have to do is ‘to cry’ and ask about your sorrows. If you have no sorrows in your life and you only want to bless more. Just smile and thanks to him. He will love you and bless you more like a mother who loves you and hugs you for only an innocent smile.

Remember this journey is also made by the sender. He made this journey and sends you. He is the most powerful and most merciful. He gave the life to you!

Ask to him, thanks to him.

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